Dining Services

Good food, attractively presented and served with care, in pleasant surroundings, helps create a sense of community.  Dining Services believes that this is an integral part of the students' educational experience.  Students meet at mealtimes in friendly conversation, often with faculty as their invited guests, which is part of a pattern of hospitality and exchange that is an important tradition on campus.

Dining Services is responsible for administering a comprehensive board program in six (6) residential dining locations, the Atrium Cafe, our grab n' go operation in Kendade, our campus center café, and all campus center cash operations, vending, a bakery, and a warehouse.  Our qualified and experienced culinary production and service staff are committed to providing you with high quality and nutritious food in all of our dining operations. We have designed our dining program to provide diverse and extensive menu options as well as flexibility, recognizing that everyone's dining preferences and needs are different.  We work to consistently provide all of our customers with outstanding customer service and a safe and pleasant dining environment.

We want to make your dining experience as enjoyable as possible and invite you to share your comments and suggestions.  We welcome and appreciate your feedback about our food and service so we can better serve you as our customers.  This can be done in several ways; via the web, the SGA Dining Services Advisory Board, dining comment cards, or by speaking with any staff member to answer your questions or comments throughout the day.  Those comments are circulated to several members of the Dining Services staff and the most appropriate person will respond to you within a very short period of time.   

Dining Services looks forward to providing you with a wonderful dining experience and introducing you to the many dining options that Dining Services has to offer. 

Bon Appetit!


Rich Perna
Director of Dining Services