Anne Garrels

A conversation about Putin’s Russia

Russia expert Stephen Jones talks with NPR’s Anne Garrels about her new book, “Putin Country: A Journey into the Real Russia.”
Graphic that reads: 5 things to love about the Five College Consortium

The Five College Consortium, by definition?

Ask five people and you’ll get five different answers. Which is to say, Five Colleges is a whole lot of everything. All of it amazing. Watch the video!
This is a photo of Farah Rawas '17 standing in front of the Community Center construction site.

MHC alum has a blueprint for success

Through its engineering and sustainability programs, Mount Holyoke has given Farah Rawas ’17 the resources she needs to help her community in Beirut.
Regina Ye

A case for entrepreneurship at Mount Holyoke

Computer science major Regina Ye ’18 launches a travel-cosmetics company. Read her blog.
Aerial photo of the Mount Holyoke campus

Mount Holyoke’s new Maria scholarships

In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Mount Holyoke College is offering scholarships for students in Puerto Rico.
Photo of the campus map with a push pin inserted in the middle

Choose your destination

When you give to The Mount Holyoke Fund, you can direct your gift to one of 10 gift destinations. Your gift. Your choice.